Moving Tips

Labelling System

- All packages are clearly labelled with special coloured labels that each consists of the shipper's name, a brief description of the contents in the package and also the room that they came from.

- 'Fragile' tapes are also placed on packages that contain delicate items so that special care will be taken during transit.

- Each package is also identified by a unique number that will correspond to your packing list, thus allowing packages to be easily identified and located.

Packing List

- During the packing process, a packing list will be compiled by the supervisor, listing the contents of every package.

- The packing list must be signed by the customer on completion of the packing process. A duplicated copy of this packing list will be given to the customer for reference.

General Packing

- In order to protect the customer's possessions, we use a variety of materials during the packing process.

- Different shapes and sizes of cartons are made for containing different types of goods. Corrugated cardboard is used to securely pack those items too large to fit into pre-made boxes.

Special Crating

- Special cratings are used to house items that are particularly fragile or of high value, such as upright pianos, mirrors, large vases etc.

- These crates are made to measure by our skilled carpenters for every single piece of such items. The items are packed in brown paper or bubble-packed, straw board and then padded inside the crate.

- Items like grand and baby grand pianos will require special handling and crating from expert piano handlers. Such a service can be arranged by Geometra.

Glass, Chinaware & Pottery

- Items like glasses, chinaware and pottery are packed in layers of tissue paper before being wrapped in bubblewrap.

- Dishpack cartons made from sturdy 3-ply cardboard are designed for fragile items like these. The cartons are padded using polyfoam and paper for lining prior to placing the item inside.

Clothing Packing

- There are two types of packing available for clothing. The most common type is the LayDown Carton packing. The clothings are laid down flat in these cartons. Silica gel is always used to minimise moisture buildup.

- The other type is the Hanging Wardrobe. The clothings are hooked onto a bar inside the carton, so that they remain hanging during the transit process. It is most recommended for clothings like suits, shirts, evening dresses etc.

Carpets Packing

- Carpets and rugs are rolled with tissue paper and silica gel before being wrapped in cardboard sheets.

- We recommend that all carpets be cleaned thoroughly prior to packing.

Moisture Control

- Silica Gel is placed in all packages to protect against moisture and mildrew.

- We also recommend that dehumidifiers and air conditioners be switched on for a couple of days prior to packing to ensure that the items are dry.